ღJuly 23=MY DAY
#BirthdayGirl my day was loveeee✌✌✌
It’s officially #leoseason happy & blessed to celebrate my 2? Birthday! I’m still young & will always be! Lol #Happybirthdaytome
#mcm #sopresidential enough said! Speaks volumes w/o even speaking 🇺👌👏
#sotd #brightcolors #anythingcute #flashinglights



Seedy girls & tattoos

Few of my favorite albums.

Worlds greatest 💿📀💽🎧🎤🎼🎶🎵
Bad girl Rihanna, 👌👌👏👏


I swear all I ask is for respect. If you are on my team then be loyal, and if not then keep it moving. We’re all adults so why act as if we’re in grade school. I hate the fact that I’ve done so much and gone out of my way for people who won’t even give me satisfaction of respecting. Not that I’ll let it bypass but I do believe in karma.

My sisters graduating! My best friend since 1st grade!!! I’m so proud of my sissy! Can’t wait to see you walk across the stage! I only support those who support me!
Lemme hear you say hey Mrs Carter! Okay bye! #Purple4Lupus #may #Selfie

Easter eve with my heart! Thank you so much for believing in me when everyone else got ghost. If nobody loves you ma ma does. #MyendlessLove #Babyboy

Mama baby @mscourtkeys

Moving on

Big moves so soon. Can’t wait to move and leave it all behind. Can’t wait to leave and finally be Me. Can’t wait to leave and excel and become all I can be. The only thing I might miss is the beaches. But that’s about it, I don’t ever go anyways. Lol, but I’m excited for the new outlook of my life! Find love and leisure and all those good good things!!!!